Catching GIANTS!

 Among those who know me, its no secret that I'm addicted to night fishing. Although most fisherman prefer to night fish during the summer months, winter and early spring produce the real giants. Big females are at there largest during this time of year when they are engorged with eggs and at their heaviest potential weight. Most are staging for the spawn and feed heavily during the night hours while they wait for the call to lay their eggs. Techniques are many and varied at this time of year, but the big baits produce the best results Jigs, swim baits, and spoons top my list on most nights. I have been using a spoon technique for the past 5 years that I stumbled across and managed to keep quiet about until the buzz of my many clients and friends blew the lid off. The technique has been responsible for dozens of 10+ pound fish and earned me the reputation of the top night time guide on Lake Fork. My preferred spoon that I helped bring to the market was created By the MESU tackle company and is the best quality spoon on the market. Made with a brass blank, super strong split rings, and powder coated to protect the unbelievably realistic designs. The spoon also has one more advantage, the guys at MESU licensed UV technology fromUV Tightlines bait company and put it in the powder coating to make a spoon that can not be matched by anyone in the industry! The exact technique is extreme,requiring a heavy Fitzgerald rod flipping stick and 60lb Vursa braid. Working tight to docks and timber its a bait these fish rarely see, Anyone interested in learning this technique feel free to contact me for a demonstration. A word of caution to those fishing during the night, please take extra safety precautions. Extremely cold water is an added element of danger so never  fish alone while doing night fishing.

 A big shout out to those who came to my seminars at the St. Loius boat and outdoors shows in January. I enjoyed sharing my experience and knowledge of Catching Lunker Largemouth and was humbled by the enthusiasm and interest expressed by all who attended.

You can find theses spoons online or at Lake Fork Marina and The Minnow Bucket Marina on Lake Fork.


Keep Safe and Good Luck!



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